2017 End Of Year Results



Yearling: George Mauer and Gentlemans Pizzazz

       Res.  Heather Rich and Midas Well Get Real

2 y/o and over: Carol Timke and Dun N Country

       Res.  Emily Martin and VR The Love Bug

Yearling Triad

​Bill Sparr and This Ladys Lopin Lazy

Res.  Gabrielle Brubaker and Eyez Off My Cowboy

Super Horse Award - Carol Timke and Dun N Country

NOTE: To be eligible for Year End Hi-Point Awards, you must show at 2 of the 3 Iowa Pinto Horse Shows and be an IPtHA member in good standings.

I would like to say thank you to The Iowa Pinto Horse Association for giving me the opportunity to represent the them at The Iowa State Fair Cowgirl Queen Contest. I had so much fun getting ready with my friends and family, although at times it was stressful, I still had a great time and it was a great bonding experience for my horse and me. Junior Queen, Emiliee Hintz. (Pictured above.)

I would like to Thank the Pinto Horse Association for allowing me to be their representative at the Iowa State Fair cowgirl queen contest. We made the final cut and had an amazing time! Senior Queen, Kassidy Adams. (Pictured left.)

Congratulations to our Jr. & Sr. Cowgirl Queens!

Junior Queen: Emilee Hinz

Senior Queen: Kassidy Adams

2018 Fun In the Sun High Points 


11&U    Mara Clennon
13&U    Trey Anderson 

14-18     Courtney Lammey
Nov YA    Courtney Lammey
4H/FFA    Lauren Dillion       
Nov AM   Emily Jensen
AM JR.   Hillary Dodson
AM SR/Elite   Carol Timke
AM W/T  Kelli Wysocki
Open Pinto   Emily Martin
Solid Reg.  Zena Davis
ABO       Carol Timke

Long Ears      Sam Berg

And the Winner is......

Congratulations to weekend Hi- Points from our July Show!

​"Come Join the Fun"

2017 End Of Year Hi-Point Results



Thank you to all our lead line participants:

Macy Johnson, Zoey Glew, Kensley Boots, Javin Snyder

11&U    Devin Distad
                Res.  Lauren Dillon
13&U    Sage Rickert

                 Res. ​Jenna Rosenburg
14-18     Lexa Winn
                Res.  Alex Bishop
Nov YA    Lexa Winn
                Res.  Sage Rickert
4H/FFA    McKenna Clark         
                Res.  Kari Jones
Nov AM   Lynelle McKaleb
                Res.   Becky Fuller
AM JR.   Emily Martin
                Res.  Mikayla Calloway
AM SR/Elite   Carol Timke
                Res.   Allison Rosenburg
AM W/T  Greg Bauer
                Res.   Jani Sparr
Open Pinto   Lynelle McKaleb
                Res.   Carol Timke
Solid Reg.  Cassidy Adams
ABO       Carol Timke
                Res.   Jaylyn Brownell